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      • Minimum order and pricing depends on the quantities to order. Quotations are valid for 2 weeks.
      • If pricing and timelines are approved, most orders can be shipped in approximately 10 days. Some custom orders may require additional time, depending on the complexity of the order.
      • Your order will be processed and confirmed with a purchase invoice within 48 working hours of order placement and you will be advised of shipping.
      • The wholesale order will be processed out after receipt of complete payment for the order value. The balance of the purchase order is to be made in full 10 days prior to shipping.
      • The approximate lead time depends on your location.
      • Shipments can be scheduled for pick up at the port, to go out by sea, or can utilize an air shipping method when needed.
      • Purchaser is responsible for any local legislation issues. Any local taxes and customs formalities must be advised by the customers only. We provide all customs documents needed for the order. (Purchaser input is needed on which types of documents are needed)
      • Goods will be checked to our satisfaction. If customer requests replacements for any goods, the customer must provide satisfactory evidence that the goods were damaged prior to shipping.


    • Air freight
    • HST World Express
    • Sea freight
    As Weckonline International BV continues to strengthen its global position as a leading hospitality glassware exporter in Europe, we look forward to creating an active partnership to work with you in providing you with our product range and allowing you to enjoy supplying our hospitality grade products to your customers.
    Today with a strong understanding of the international markets requirements for quality products at a very competitive price, Weckonline International BV has become a leading exporter of hospitality grade glass products from Europe to other major markets whereever in the world. Weckonline International BV is officially permitted to export goods, by Customs and European tax department and is registered under number: NL/074/15/4230
    Please contact us through our contact us page if you are interested.

    HST statement
    Air freight services is one of our specialties. In conjunction with our goal we can ship goods with various volumes to any destination. Furthermore HST provides the required documents and customs clearance at origin and/or destination. Good contact with airlines and transparent communication are crucial to fulfill your needs.
    Is the regular air freight service not fast enough for you? Check our World Express service! Your airfreight shipments will  be at their destination in a blink of an eye with HST World Express.
    Sea freight is one of HST’s key services. Every day our specialists manage the transport of many shipments around the world. In addition to full container loads, HST also consolidates smaller shipments into consolidated containers. Furthermore HST provides the required documents and customs clearance at origin and/or destination.